Friday night lite

bathI remember when Friday nights used to be the biggest night of my week. All day, the anticipation would build. Where would we go? What would we do? What would we wear for Heaven’s sake?

The phone calls would fly back and forth (back in the days before texts, we actually spoke to each other about our plans – oh, the novelty).

No matter what the decided plans, I had one friend who always said the same thing: “Should be good.” Always.

Knock-off time would arrive and I’d be out the door, with the rest of the smiling throng, dodging suits on the footpath as I hot-footed it in the direction of the chosen venue. And then we’d sit and have a few drinks, unwinding, laughing, venting, before heading deeper into the night in search of dinner (sometimes) and dancing (always). Always wondering if tonight might be the night we’d stumble (probably literally) over The One.

It’s Friday night tonight. I will have an easy dinner, a long bath (that’s my tub up there) and a date with my book on the sofa. I will wear the most comfortable pair of pyjamas I can find. I will hang out with The One.

Should be good.

What does your Friday night look like?


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  1. Dinner at my in-laws. Cuddles with my boys. then snuggles with The One. I think Friday night’s these days are so much better than before, don’t you?

  2. The anticipation of Friday night was almost better than the event itself! I loved my Friday nights back when I was looking for The One, but have to say I do enjoy them a lot more now, flannelette PJs and all.
    That tub of your looks pretty good x

  3. Saturday nights were always the big ones in these parts, as we mostly had work Saturday mornings and sporting commitments in the afternoons. Now, Friday nights are my big ones. They involve cuddles from kids at bed time, My One one the couch dozing next to me after a big day, the dogs snoring under my feet and me with my laptop, book and Sex and The City Reruns. My favourite time of the week.

  4. Great post, totally resonated with me. But like you, Friday nights are now spent at home with my 5 treasures. But whilst the boys watch footy with dad, I get some blog time!
    Have a lovely weekend x

  5. These days it’s flannel jammies, cleaning up after a 2 year old and a 40 year old, washing and ironing, and maybe, just maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll get to do some editing and beta reading… Certainly a change from the ‘olden days’ 😀

  6. Friday nights are date night / wine night / or family night at our place. No early jammie clambering for us. But then you know I’m no good at the jammie thing anyway… x

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