50 of the best Australian authors and writers on Twitter


I’m working on a little surprise here at the Fibro, and it made me realise that there’s a hole in my posting schedule. Despite my general references to Twitter and writers on a regular basis, I’ve never brought the two together. What an oversight!

Anyway, to rectify that, I’ve decided to put together a list (in no particular order) of my favourite Australian authors, writers and bloggers on Twitter. They’re all great with the written word, but that’s not why they made this list. There are a lot of great Australian authors, whose books and writing I love, who are not here.

This list is about people who are also great with 140 characters. They play with Twitter the way that it should be played. With wit, with sparkle, with charm, with intent, with humour, with smarts, with engagement, with controversy – sometimes all at once.

They’re worth a follow.

Writers and bloggers

Who would you add to my list*?

Eagle eyes will spot that there are 51 authors here – this is because I’ve included Adrian McKinty, based in Australia, but an Irish writer through and through.

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  1. Nice list. There’s a few finds in there, thanks. I would probably add:

    Karen Pickering (@jevoislafemme)
    Benjamin Law (@mrbenjaminlaw)
    Dan Ilic (@danilic)
    Andie Fox (@bluemilk)
    Anne Summers (@summersanne)

  2. That is some esteemed company you have me in, you lovely woman.

    Agree with Benjamin Law and Karen Pickering too.

    We have very similar Twitter tastes, there are only a couple on this list that I wasn’t already stalking 😀

  3. What a fabulous list, Alison. Many I haven’t followed, but will now 🙂 Definitely you should be on it, and I think Kelly Exeter gives thoughtful Twitter too. Great to find peeps who use Twitter to pique interest, and not just for self promotion.

  4. MADE THE CUT. So relieved. What a bloody brilliant list, great effort and amazing people.

    Hey Al, just want to say you are my Obi-Wan Kenobi lately and you don’t even know it. Cannot thank you enough. One day I’ll tell you about it.

    (Thank you.) XXX

  5. Hi Allison, what a terrific list. I would certainly add your name to the compilation for all the reasons you’ve listed above (wit, charm, engagement, etc) as well as for your real generosity toward other writers. I’d also add a further swag of children’s/YA authors who, as you say, ‘play with Twitter the way it should be played’: people like Felice Arena, Kelly Gardiner, Gabrielle Wang, Jen Storer and Tristan Bancks.

    1. Post

      Thanks Tessa! I’ve actually amended the list to include Tristan Bancks and I love all the others as well. The most difficult part of any list is capping it at 50! I’ve also suggested that perhaps *someone* needs to create a #loveOzYA Twitter list post!

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