Big shoes, big shorts, big hat… big boy

Today Mr5 started school. My baby has morphed into a Big Boy. Big shoes, big shorts, big hat.

He has not talked about it much over the holidays. No desire to try on the school uniform. A ‘not happy Jan’ face when we bought the school shoes. No particular interest to identify an A from a B from a C. (His favourite letter is still L. I suspect it always will be.)

This morning I went to wake him for his Big Boy breakfast. He rolled over, warm and sleepy. “Do you know what day it is, Mum?” What day? “It’s my first day at school Mum,” he said, leaping out of bed. Ready to go.

Later, as he endured the 1500th coaxing to ‘look at the camera, smile for Mummy, don’t scrunch your nose’, weighed down by the tortoise shell of his enormous backpack, jumping up and down to test his shoes, I wondered if I was ready to let him go.

At school, The Builder and I helped him put his bag away. We found his table where, to his delight, he is seated with four friends and a ‘new guy’. And then he turned to us: “You can go now.” A kiss and it was all over.

I picked him up this afternoon, almost unable to pick him from the line-up of little boys. One thing a uniform does is make a person blend in, right? When he spotted me, waiting to collect him, he beamed. Suddenly he stood out like a beacon.

Big shoes, big shorts, big hat, big smile. My little Big Boy.


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  1. Glad he went well. Have to love his big smile at the end of the day.

    Personally I cried when both kids started at big school. But I enjoyed the child free time immensely.

  2. Aww love this post! Still 2 weeks before they start the school year in Tasmania and my big little boy is starting this year too – I think there’ll be equal doses of weeping buckets and shrieks of joy for me. It is a conundrum isn’t it?

  3. Oh Allison, this is just so beautifully written, I could feel every emotion. It’s amazing how resilient our children really are and all WE do is worry and fuss about each milestone as it arises. Sounds like your little big boy is off to a flyer. Well done Mama, you did it xo

  4. Well he’s been and done that! Started that is! The day must have felt a bit different for you too!
    I get that sameness ( initially) in school uniform look. Once went to pick up eldest granddaughter after school. Still haven’t seen her, fortunately only one grandma looking like hers so she found me!

  5. They’re such mystery men, aren’t they? I’m sure he was secretly pumped about school, he just didn’t want to appear too eager.
    We still have another week at home before our Mr5’s first day. It’s dragging, let me tell you.
    Congrats Mama Fibro, all your little ducks off on their own.

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