The Very Hungry Caterpillar (aka Why do you blog?)

very hungry caterpillarIf I’ve learned nothing else in my many months of blogging, I’ve learned the value of recording the little things. Snippets. Pictures. A thought here. A moment there. And it’s for that reason that I’m writing today’s post.

It’s been a bit of a Mr4 week this week, but that’s okay. He’s off to big school next year. So many of his thoughts and ideas and random utterances will be heard by other people.

Not me.

But this one, today’s one, was mine.

The scene: Mr4, Mr7 and I are in the car, on our way to take Mr7 to his piano lesson. The boys are chatting about this and that. Mr4 tells Mr7 how hungry he is.

“You can’t possibly be hungry,” I say, interrupting. Mr4 is in the midst of a hollow-legs phase. “You ate a lot today.”

“What did you have?” asks Mr7.

“Well,” says Mr4, considering. “I had two pieces of buttery toasters for breakfast. And a milkshake. And half a caramel slice. And an apple. And a ham wrap. And a cheesestick. And some sultanas. And some crackers. And four strawberries…”


“And then,” he continued, in exactly the same tone of voice. “I ate one nice green leaf, and I felt much better.”


Mr7 and I cracked up, while Mr4 grinned from ear to ear. Did you see what he did there? It seems that Mr4 is learning the art of the punchline.

Why do you blog? Do you use your blog as a record of life? Do you aim for big picture or small moments?

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  1. Too too gorgeous.

    I blog for all those reasons. To get things off my chest, to record snippets and happy snaps. To brag, whinge, complain, celebrate and berate. Whatever tickles my fancy. Stories like these are what makes blogs go around. Or something!

  2. That is divine! Thank you for the chuckle, Mr4.

    I blog to keep myself sane. To share funny stories, laugh, cry, vent, and, most importantly, procrastinate. Back to work…

  3. Oh what a precious moment. They learn so fast don’t they.

    I blog for many reasons.

    I blog as a record of my life. The big moments, the little moments and to remind me who I am. It teaches me to be honest and allows me to verbalise my internal headspace.

    I blog to practice my writing and to connect with others.

    I also blog for my children. My Mum died when I was 15. I felt I didn’t know who she was, inside, I don’t want my kids to feel the same so it is partly my journal. This is why I it forces me to be honest.

  4. I started blogging because my mother couldn’t get something working on hers, so I started one to try and figure out the problem she was having.

    I guess I kept doing it because I find that people listen to me more if they read what I have to say, than if they’re hearing me say it.

  5. That is so cute!! I’ve lost count how many times I had to read that book. I just started a travel blog as we’re heading off next Wednesday on a road trip with our 2 boys for 2.5 months. I have a vague idea that it’s to keep a record of what we get up to, particularly for our parents but also to read back on later on in life.

    It’s likely I won’t continue on our return but I’m having fun writing it at the moment!

  6. Oh he is cute AND clever! I love when they come out with funny little comments that really show they’ve been listening and learning.
    As for my blog, it’s a mixture of a life record and small moments. I just aim to record as much as I can about the funny, cheeky, naughty, scary, adorable things the boys do. With a few random bits and pieces thrown in about myself and where I’m at, during a particular moment in time xo

  7. I think I have mentioned before that I love Mr4 but if it’s possible I now love him just that little bit more.

    Could we swap for a week? My small boy adores books, nearly all books, but will only read The Very Hungry Caterpillar (albeit in German so it’s Die kleine Raupe Nimmersatt) reluctantly and with very rapidly turned pages so I never actually get to read whole sentences. Yet it’s one of my childhood favourites.

  8. Ooh, nice one, Mr4! I like a mixture of big picture and small moments. I should probably use my blog as a record more, because I do love having those bits and pieces and lord knows, I’m not going to be keeping a personal journal any time soon. Deeper reasons aside, I think I blog, because I am and have always been compulsive about writing and since it’s a given that I will write, it’s really nice when there’s someone to read what you’ve written.

  9. Boom-tish! Love your work Mr 4.
    I blog to write. It keeps the writing muscles supple, and it offers me a window into a world of other mothers/writers who I otherwise would never have met if I hadn’t started blogging.

  10. I blog because I am trying to lose weight by doing L&E at home and I find that blogging is a place where I can hold myself accountable for what I eat (or don’t eat) and for the exercise that I do (or don’t do !).

    I am extremely shy and love the interaction with other people as it there is less pressure on me to interact.

    Have a fantastic Friday !

  11. i just wrote a post about this too! well a few months ago anyway. i blog because i have too many words, jumbled in my brain and they have to come out somewhere. i blog because there are so many moments which are insignificant and those are really the best moments. i want to capture it all, the big, silly, little, full range of emotions.

  12. I aim for silly small moments. They are the most memorable ones. Just like with that of Mr.4. So cute and I find that it’s so much faster and funner to get on the computer and just tap away on the keyboard. Cute post.

  13. I blog partly for me, but also to remind others to record and share their stories too. Personally, I love blogging the tiny moments the most though… just like this one about Mr4.

    I have been feeling a bit “blogged out” this week. This post and its comments has reminded me of why I blog… and to appreciate our stories – big and small.

  14. I blog to share bits and pieces, thoughts and inspirations. I guess they are more small moments but I’ve been wondering if I it’s time I change my goals/focus. Not sure yet so I’ll plod along as I have been. I put some special moments like yours on the blog and others just in my journal. Now I have the issue of how to marry up the two. Hmm….

  15. Great story! I started blogging mainly as an outlet for my own writing, but I am seeing now how much of my everyday life and family life it is recording. I think it will be really cool to look back on as the years go by.

  16. I am over from the blog hop! I blog because I can’t seem to stop although my impetus waxes and wanes. I enjoy the experience of writing something short pithy and hopefully memorable and also receiving comments is fun!

  17. Blogging is the best for the little moments. I would definitely forget them otherwise. I am hoping your very hungry caterpillar has settled in at school. Thanks for Rewinding and hopping! X

  18. That is just adorable, such a clever little one. I love it when kids start to understand more complex ideas like punch lines.

    I just like to like little random stories about my life and share things I like – that’s why I blog πŸ™‚

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