My favourite moment of today belongs to someone else. Two someone elses, in fact. Two males, one large, one small. Lying flat on their backs in the backyard, arms wide on the green, green grass. The Builder in work clothes. Mr4 in a dress-up wizard cloak, his ‘Turtle Cat’ costume. They are looking up at the spring-blue sky. Laughing. One deep belly laugh. One little belly giggle.

Just thinking about it makes me smile.

[image: youarelikeadrugforme/Tumblr]

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  1. When the Huzz and my son laugh together it is adorable and contagious! They have the same sense of humour and can often be seen rolling on the ground together whilst I look on slightly confused!! The simpliest things eh!

  2. Such a great visual. Don’t we all need to find time to do these simple things. Like making shapes out of the clouds. I want to know the joke. What makes a boy and his Dad laugh hysterically. Probably nothing. x

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