My #1 tip for bloggers

my #1 tip for bloggersMy mum is a very wise woman. One of her best pieces of advice ever? “You do what you do.” Always useful in those moments when you’re second-guessing yourself. Looking at everyone else. Wondering why they seem to be more popular/cool/successful than you. Slanting green-eyed looks at the person next to you. Or the one across the room. Wondering if what you’re writing/saying/doing is … enough.

You do what you do. Nobody else does what you do.

Trying to be someone or something else is never the answer. The only voice that will work for you is your voice. Have confidence in that voice.

Stop comparing. Stop contrasting. Focus on making what you do the best that you can do.

Or, as Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

It’s great advice. It works. In writing, in blogging, in life.

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  1. I know I’m going to be a grown up one of these days. I’m saying things like “I am what I am” and “I can only do what I can only do” more and more often.

    I think “You do what you do” is in the same vein.

    Live and let live.
    Blog and let blog.

    Ok. End of cliches.

  2. Oh, your Mum is a wise one.

    I have to remind myself of this a lot.

    Was it Eleanor Roosevelt who said “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent”?

    Or on a more pop note, when I am feeling like I have to compete, my brain starts singing Fleetwood Mac “♫ Go your own way…♫”

  3. This is why I’ve decided to start posting recipes on my writing blog. And Seinfeldish posts about nothing much, or random household doings. Guaranteed nobody else can bring quite the brand of crazy that I can…

  4. This is why I’ve decided to start posting recipes on my writing blog. And Seinfeldish posts about nothing much, or random household doings. Guaranteed nobody else can bring quite the brand of crazy that I can…

  5. “If you find yourself swimming along with all the other fishes, swim the other way. They don’t know where they’re going either. Read this recently at Zen Habits. Wish someone had told me this in high school


  6. Mom’s do know best. Mine always said “Life’s too short” as an answer to almost everything. She could have added “and it ain’t getting any longer!”

    Cranky Old Man

  7. Go the Bev. She certainly is a hard act to follow… oh… that is not what I am supposed to say is it? You rock Ying. No need for comparisons. It would drive a person mad. And that is coming from the least popular sister blogger. Lol. I don’t think I got this one did I? x

  8. I agree wholeheartedly. My favourite blogs speak to me with their own voice – unpretentious, sometimes vulnerable, very real. Makes for some pretty special connections with women who I otherwise would never have met. You can’t make those connections if you aren’t being you.

  9. I have a favorite tank top that reads “Just be You” I like the quote you use… “Be yourself,Everybody else is taken”

    seems the simple things can be such a challenge. Thx Allison!

  10. Thank golly for our mum. Permission to bumble through life doing your own thing is the best permission of all.


    PS – that Coo. She is definitely the youest of all yous.

  11. Wise woman, that mum of yours! One from my Nan to throw in “you only boil a cabbage once” ie when something has been said and done the once dont stew or nag over and over again 🙂

  12. Your mum IS wise. Love this. And yes, many of us spend so much time trying to be someone else. It just doesn’t work.

    This is the best advice and really can lead to a happy life 😉


  13. I needed to read this today. Except I have no idea what it is that I do. I wish I was able to describe what it is that makes me different. I just feel different. Like I don’t fit in. And maybe that’s good.

  14. A great reminder thanks. You are right too often we look at others and think why didn’t I think of that or do that or maybe my blog should be this or that.. instead of what it is that makes up you. I think that’s a great inspirational saying that maybe I need to taper to my monitor!

    Happy SITS day!

  15. Or, in the imortal words of Popeye the Sailor Man, “I yam what I yam and tha’s all what I yam.” I really liked this post. I believe it is very important to remind ourselves of this every once in awhile. Never compare ourselves to others. We are the only ones who can do what we do – I loved this post!!

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