Prisoner of the Black Hawk

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Who knew that a Tuesday could be such a big day? Today's the launch day for Prisoner of the Black Hawk, book #2 in The Mapmaker Chronicles (you can buy it here). I've had


Readings Children's Book Prize 2015 shortlist

Start on the day that’s different…

Last week, I went to Somerset Celebration of Literature, a fabulous festival of children's books and authors on the Gold Coast. During my time there, I spoke to around

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The School For Fully Functioning Adults

It occurred to me today that I have reached my 40s (let's not talk about how far down that road I am) without becoming a fully functioning adult. I mean, there are just

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•Prisoner of the Black Hawk, book #2 of THE MAPMAKER CHRONICLES series, is out on
31 March 2015! Pre-orders here!

•WIN a signed copy of Prisoner of the Black Hawk + more: all details here.

Book Club

Nest by Inga Simpson

Pink Fibro Bookclub: March book selection

World's shortest post today as I'm knee-deep in words! The March selection for the Pink Fibro Bookclub is Nest by Inga Simpson. Another novel from the Stella Prize

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What’s in a name?

I'm obsessed with names. Ask anyone I know. One of the things I like most about being a writer is the chance to name people all the time. And towns. And entire kingdoms.

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Social Media for Writers


Social Media for Writers #1: Blogging

"Why do you blog?" It's a question I get asked a lot, usually by other writers who are wondering how in the world to manage a blog amongst all their other writing

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