In my not-so-secret garden
crabapple blossom

In my not-so-secret garden

September 28, 2016

If there’s one thing the school holidays does for me, it’s remind me how much I love my garden. It’s a good size, with lots of secret nooks and crannies, and the boys are happy to spend a lot of time out there, doing whatever it is that boys do. It’s only in the holidays […]

New A.L. Tait series coming your way
new A.L. Tait series for October 2017

If you’re following me on any of my social media platforms, you would have seen this image pop up last week. Yes, a new A.L. Tait series is coming your way, with the first book launching in October 2017. I’ll share more details with you as soon as I can. My current To Do list […]

In the quiet time: the art of active waiting
A.L. Tait Lunch With The Stars

Last week was a crazy-busy flurry of activity. I spent three days in the Big Smoke for Book Week appearances, and met some 800+ kids in the process. On Tuesday I went to the Hogwarts-like grandeur of the International College Of Management for the Lunch With The Stars, put on by the amazing members of […]

And the winner is…

And the winner is…

August 22, 2016

The winner of my newsletter giveaway is Amanda Paul, who has been contacted by email, and whose name was chosen at random as per T&Cs for the competition. Thanks to the hundreds of subscribers who entered the giveaway – and thanks for subscribing to my newsletter! Not a subscriber? Sign up here!

The End for this edition of #writeabookwithal
THE END #writeabookwithal

You may remember that, back on 1 June, I began a new manuscript and invited you all to join me. Today, I reached The End of that manuscript, which, as I’ve talked about before, is both the best and the worst feeling in the world. THE END. Can we all just take a moment to […]

Industry Insider: From spark to finished work
INDUSTRY INSIDER- from idea to novel

I’ve talked before about where ideas come from and how we sometimes ignore our best ideas. Today’s Industry Insider is someone who recognised the spark of a great idea and then never let it go, even as she wrote other things. Dianne Wolfer is the author of 15 books for teenagers and younger readers, including a new junior […]

The Mapmaker Chronicles: landing in the US, June 2017.

I’m excited to announce that The Mapmaker Chronicles series is off to the USA, to be launched in June 2017 by Kane Miller Books. As an author it’s a real thrill to have your books picked up in other territories, and the US is a dream come true. I’ll bring you more details as they […]

How to be Quinn (The Mapmaker Chronicles) for Book Week
Book Week Quinn Ash The Mapmaker Chronicles

It’s that time of year again, when parents the nation over are scouring the dress up box for inspiration for Book Week characters. Or, if they’re very clever, making something special. But I have no experience whatsoever with that end of the Book Week Costume spectrum. Instead, I’ve always been a fan of cloaks, particularly […]